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Safety should be a high priority for any potential new homeowner! 

Purchasing a home is a big investment and you should know if your new home will be safe for your family, friends and visitors. 

Who wants to
move in to a home and discover design or construction faults. Things like tripping hazards, unregulated hot
water, or even worse, a poorly protected or grounded
outlet that a home inspection could have revealed?

At 21st
Century Home Inspections
, identifying and documenting potential safety
issues is one of our primary concerns. 

meticulously inspect the home for signs of poor workmanship / installation that may result in safety issues. 

Consider us part of your home buying team! We will identify and note every issue we find so you can make an informed decision. 

Your safety is a priority for 21st Century Home Inspections!










Health related hazards come in many forms and should be evaluated along with Safety issues in your decision making process.  

Some hazards are easily identified to a trained professional and some require specialized equipment. 

Some examples of health hazards that might be observed visually are mold, mildew and in some older homes asbestos insulation may be found on plumbing or used on heating / cooling ductwork. 

Some health hazards can be identified by odor but finding the source can and often requires the services of a specialist. With 21st Century Home Inspections we identify the source of health hazards without additional resources required by the home owner.

Unseen health hazards come in the form of radioactive radon gas, carbon monoxide and the noxious gases emitted from “tainted” drywall installed in some homes in the early 2000s. These are the ones that require special equipment to detect.

Regardless of the health hazard, 21st Century Home Inspections gives you the knowledge you need to make appropriate decisions to guard the health of your family and friends!

Deferred Maintenance can be costly and is not always obvious to the untrained eye.

We will identify any major defects that need to be addressed. Some are more critical and may require immediate attention. Some can be budgeted for and addressed at a later date. 

We address major areas like the roof which may have been installed recently but have defects related to installation, weather or maintenance that affect its longevity. 

You don’t want to be surprised with an expensive repair to a leaky roof or the damage that a leak can cause inside your new home.

also categorize minor repairs and routine maintenance items.

Doing a thorough job for our clients is one area that sets 21st Century Home Inspections apart from the competition.

21st Century Home Inspections provides you with critical information you need to address deferred maintenance issues prior to purchase.

No matter what is discovered, you can trust 21st Century Home Inspections to provide you with the information you need to purchase your home with confidence…



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is an invisible, odorless gas that is a natural radioactive decay
product of uranium, a common element in soil and rocks. Radon gas is
considered harmless when dispersed in outdoor air but can be a serious
health hazard when trapped in buildings. – See more at:

Radon gas can be a serious health hazard when trapped in buildings. 

Radon gas is the number one environmental hazard in the U.S.

Radon tips on mitigation:



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